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Stratiolaelaps scimitus
Hypoaspis nymphs, larvae, and adults feed on soil-dwelling pests. Each mite can eat up to 5-8 prey per day. Females lay their eggs in the soil. They can survive on algae and plant debris in the absence of prey. Hypoaspis contributes to reducing the number of thrips by preying on their pupae in the soil. They can survive for long periods of time without food (up to 7 weeks).

Key Features 

  • Predatory mite
  • Inhabits the top layer of the soil
  • Feeds on harmful soil-dwelling pests such as Fungus gnat larvae, Thrips pupae and European pepper moth eggs.
  • Easily survives without prey for several weeks

  • Use immediately upon receipt
  • If not possible, product can be briefly stored in a dark room with enough ventilation. 
  • Store Hypoaspis-System at a temperature of 59-64˚F (15-18˚C).
Item # Description Size
15117 BI Hypoaspis miles - 25,000 (Peat moss & Vermiculite) 1 L Bottle
15118 BI Hypoaspis - 125,000 (Peat moss & Vermiculite) 5 L Bucket
15138 BI Hypoaspis miles - 25,000 (Peat moss) 1 L
15139 BI Hypoaspis - 125,000 (Peat moss) 5 L
17090 Hypoaspis - 25,000 (Peat moss & Vermiculite) 1 L
17095 Hypoaspis - 125,000 (Peat moss & Vermiculite) 5 L Bucket
17344 Hypoaspis-System - 125,000 (Canarear)
17364 Petri Plate - Hypoaspis miles
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