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Dalotia coriaria

Atheta or Rove Beetles, are predatory during all stages of their development, controlling soil insects such as fungus gnats, shoreflies and Western flower thrips pupae. Adult and larvae reside in the growing media. Adults are good flyers and disperse with ease over large distances searching for food. The rove beetle larvae and adults are strongly attracted to decomposing plants, organic material or algae where their prey are found. 

Key Features

  • Soil dwelling rove beetle, flying predator 
  • Well adapted to various growing media 
  • Larvae and adults are fast and voracious 
  • Consumes high numbers of prey per day (10-20) 
  • Well suited to conditions in propagation


  • Use immediately upon receipt
  • If not possible, product can be briefly stored at 46-50˚F (8-10˚C)
Item # Description Size
15109 BI Atheta - 500 (Coir and Vermiculite) 16 oz bottle
15110 BI Atheta - 1,000 (Coir and Vermiculite) 1 L bottle
15111 BI Atheta - 3,000 (Coir and Vermiculite) 5 L bucket
15136 BI Atheta - 3,000 (Coir) 5 L bucket
15137 BI Atheta 1,000 (Coir) 1 L bottle
17008 Atheta - 1,000 (Peatmoss) 1 L
17009 Atheta - 3,000 (Peatmoss) 5 L
17322 Atheta-System - 500
17356 Petri Plate - Atheta coriaria
17933 Atheta - 1,000 Blanco (Peatmoss) 1 L
17934 Atheta - 3,000 Blanco (Peatmoss) 5 L
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