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ORGANO-SAN is the first lacto fermented fertilizer sold on the Canadian market. This natural fertilizer is specially formulated to fertilize fruits, vegetables and ornamental plants. Quebec Vrai compliant, OMRI and kosher-certified, ORGANO-SAN can be used in organic and conventional agriculture.

Unique - Because it comes from milk, ORGANO-SAN is all natural. It is the first lacto fermented fertilizer sold in Canada. Supplies essential elements, ORGANO-SAN contains all the good nutrients found in dairy product. Moreover, it is a significant source of potassium (0-0-1).

Organic based - ORGANO-SAN contains a minimum of 27% of organic matter and a maximum of 72% of humidity.

Fruit and vegetables taste better - With ORGANO-SAN, the carbohydrate rate in fruit and vegetables increases, naturally improving the taste and aroma of your crops.

Safe - ORGANO-SAN is easily handled and do not pose any danger to the crop or the environment. Made in a food plant, all the raw materials are used for human nutrition.

Item # Description Size Quantity/case
4326 Organo-San (0-0-1) 10 L 2
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