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May be allowed in organic production.
Patented design on OptiRoll allows for increased trapping of targeted insects.

30cm Yellow and Blue as well as 15cm White are special order.  Lead times are 4-6 weeks.

Item # Description Size #/skid
17878 OptiRoll Super Yellow 15cm X 100m 432
17915 OptiRoll Super 15 Yellow 15cm x 110m 432
17879 OptiRoll Super Yellow 30cm X 100m 216
17887 OptiRoll Super White 15cm X 100m 432
17882 OptiRoll Super Blue 15cm X 100m 432
17914 OptiRoll Super 15 Blue 15cm x 110m 432
17883 OptiRoll Super Blue 30cm x 100m 216
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