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EZ-Gro Si 0-0-15
EZ-Gro Si is a 50% Potassium Silicate, liquid fertilizer additive that can help your plants protect themselves against a myriad of stresses including moisture, temperature, and salt.

EZ-Gro Si offers two levels of protection – silicon inserts into the cell wall forming a physiological barrier, while also activating biochemical pathways, to increase water usage efficiency and promote growth in response to (or despite) abiotic stress.

Previsouly EZ-Gro Armour 0-0-15. Note: Armour jug labels continue to be compliant while the new labels are phased into the retail chain.
Item # Description Size Quantity/case
3776 EZ-Gro Si 0-0-15 3.2 L 4
EZ-Gro Armour Tech Sheet
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