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May be allowed in organic production.

LALRISE® MAX WP is a robust inoculant, formulated as a wettable powder, containing spores of a carefully selected and versatile endomycorrhizal strain. It efficiently connects to the root system and forms an extensive underground network of hyphal filaments, which act as extensions reaching beyond the rhizosphere area. It increases plant absorption capacity (water, macro- and micro-nutrients), drought tolerance, increases yields and overall crop quality.

The MYCONNECT® TECHNOLOGY seal ensures compliance with quality standards from the LALLEMAND PLANT CARE mycorrhizae production system. MYCONNECT® TECHNOLOGY provides higher active spores concentration per plant, offers superior quality and efficiency as well as providing a better rate of root colonization and product shelf-life. This technology uses a proprietary yeast fraction, acting to enhance the efficacy of the mycorrhiza active ingredient.

Item # Description Size Quantity/case
20101 C-LalRise Max WP 1kg 5
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