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Sticky Tape
Sticky Tape for mass-trapping of flying insects.
Roller trapHooks available for 15cm wide tape for ease of use. 

Item # Description Size
17876 Olson Yellow sticky tape 2in x 530ft
17155 Rollertrap hook universal (15cm wide) each
17905 Bugscan Roll Yellow 30cm x 100M
17898 Demi Roll Yellow Sticky Tape 15cm x 100M
17884 Demi Roll Blue Sticky Tape 15cm x100M
17886 Sticky Tape Dispenser each
17261 Bugscan Yellow 15cm x 125M
17900 Bugscan Blue 10cm x 125M
17902 Bugscan Yellow 10cm x 125M
17904 Bugscan Blue 30cm x 100M
17905 Bugscan Yellow 30cm x 100M
17893 Demi Roll Super Blue 15cm x 115M
17878 Optiroll Super Yellow 15cm x 100M
17879 Optiroll Super Yellow 30cm x 100M
17882 Optiroll Super Blue 15cm x 100M
17883 Optiroll Super Blue 30cm x 100M
17887 Optiroll Super White 15cm x 100M
17891 Optiroll Super Yellow 15cm x 115M
17892 Optiroll Super Blue w Thrip pheremone 15cm x 100M
17901 Optiroll Super Yellow 15cm x 130M
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