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Amblyseius degenerans
Amblyseius degenerans is a predatory mite of thrips that can also feed and complement the control of spider mites and whiteflies. Its brown dark color makes it very conspicuous on plants, facilitating their monitoring. It prefers to feed on thrips larvae but can also sustain on pollen.
Degenerans is easily found on flowers, where flower thrips are located, but is also very active on leaves, where they lay eggs. The food supplement Nutrimite™ can boost its reproduction 10-20 times. Thanks to Nutrimite™ it is no longer necessary to wait until a crop has flowers to establish a high Degenerans population. 

Key Features 
  • Year round establishment (no diapause/heat and low RH tolerance) 
  • Good development in winter 
  • Fast population build-up
  • High pollen consumption 
  • Very mobile, nice distribution on leaves and flowers 
  • Effective control of thrips in the flower 
  • Responds to food supplementation 

  • Use immediately upon receipt
  • If not possible, product can be briefly stored horizontally at 50-59° F (10-15° C)
Item # Description Size
17020 Amblyseius Degenerans - 500 (Vermiculite) 100 ml
17350 Petri Plate - Amblyseius degenerans
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