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Cease Biological Fungicide
May be allowed in organic production.

CEASE Biological Fungicide is a broad spectrum, preventative biofungicide for the suppression of many ornamental, crop, turf and lawn diseases.

It may be applied as a foliar spray or in an alternating spray program with other registered crop protection products.

CEASE Biological Fungicide may be applied to greenhouse and outdoor ornamentals as a soil drench. For maximum effectiveness, apply CEASE Biological Fungicide prior to or in the early stages of disease development. When conditions are conducive to heavy disease pressure, use CEASE Biological Fungicide in a rotational program with other registered fungicides.

Item # Description Size Quantity/case
200005 Cease BioFungicide 1 US Gallon 4
200015 Cease BioFungicide 2.5 US Gallon 2
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