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ACER nt 23-4-9 Spring Field Nursery

For Spring Application to Deciduous Trees & Shrubs

ACER™nt 23-4-9 is a complete feed designed specifically for spring application. Approximately 25% of the nitrogen is immediately available as deciduous plants are coming into leaf. Phosphorous and potassium are provided in a non-coated technical grade prill that allows for slow release through the season.

Coated nitrogen using Nutricote® and other technologies provides sustained and consistent release of Nitrogen from spring through to late summer.

ACERnt 23-4-9 allows one application per year, saving labour and avoiding nutrient surges that accompany 3 or 4 applications per year of traditional fertilizers. Trials have resulted in better plants with stronger root systems.

Fewer kilograms of nitrogen per acre results in both cost and labour savings.

Rate of Application: 200 kg/ha

Item # Description Size #/skid
5036 ACER nt Spring Field Nursery 20 kg 50
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