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Aquagro 2000 L

Blended Non-ionic Surfactant for Growing Media. AquaGro 2000L lets you stay in control of the rootzone to keep plants growing optimally. Incorporate AquaGro 2000L into a water soluble fertilizer program and inject during feeds, or tank mix with a variety of soil-directed drenches.

  • Improve plant vigor
  • Save money on water and labor
  • Reduce water and fertilizer leaching for more efficient and profitable crop production
  • Easy and safe to apply to a wide variety of plants.

AquaGro 2000L gets water and nutrients uniformly into the rootzone. Drench over the top of bedding plants, vegetable transplants, pot crops, hanging baskets and nursery plants.

Item # Description Size Quantity/case
43580 Aquagro 2000L 10 L 2
43525 Aquagro 2000L 115 L 5/pallet
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