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May be allowed in organic production.

Nutrimite™ is a pollen source to supplement Amblysieus swirskii and Amblysieus californicus during a biological control program. By providing a food source during low pest pressure, you can increase your biological population in preparation for increased pest pressure.

  • Excellent in a preventative program for ornamentals and vegetables.
Nutri-App is a dispenser attachment that allows quick and easy distribution. The dispenser attaches to a 18 volt Makita Cordless Blower (model BUB142).
Item # Description Size
15040 Nutrimite™ predatory mite food 50 g
15065 Nutrimite™ predatory mite food 500 g
17174 Nutri-App, Nutrimite™ dispenser attachment each
Release Instructions (Bios and Bees)
Nutrimite SDS
Nutrimite Letter of Assurance
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