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Asperello T34 Biocontrol
May be allowed in organic production.

ASPERELLO® T34 Biocontrol® is a multi-mode of action biofungicide that colonizes the roots, forms a barrier against pathogens and supports healthy root growth.  It also triggers the plant’s natural defense mechanisms and it parasitizes and actively kills pathogens.

Applied as part of a preventative program, Asperello protects greenhouse fruits, vegetables, and ornamentals against the major root diseases, including Fusarium, Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia.

Key Features

  • Protects crops against soilborne diseases
    • Particularly strong against Fusarium
    • Superior performance in high soil temperatures
  • Rapidly colonizes the root zone for faster protection
  • Multiple modes of action to manage resistance
Item # Description Size
21283 Asperello T34 Biocontrol 100g
21284 Asperello T34 Biocontrol 500g
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