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Kreher Poultry Compost 5-4-3
May be allowed in organic production.

Kreher Poultry Compost 5-4-3 is a natural fertilizer made from 100% composted chicken manure.

Features and benefits

  • Good source of organic nitrogen
  • Balanced source of nutrients and organic matter
  • Nutrients readily available
  • Contains 9% calcium
  • Improves the soil structure
  • The organic matter contained in each granule stimulates the microbial life of the soil, which in turn promotes the mineralization of the organic complexes, making available all the minerals necessary for the good growth of the plants
  • The slow release effect of Kreher 5-4-3 minimizes the risk of leaching
  • Uniform granule size (SGN 200-220)
  • Low odor and little dust.
Item # Description Size #/skid
(WSL) 3795 Kreher Poultry Compost 22.68kg 40
3794 Kreher Poultry Compost 907kg 1
3806 Kreher Poultry Compost 18kg 50
Compost letter
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