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Adalia bipunctata
Adalia bipunctata is a predatory beetle (ladybug). Both adult and young stages (larvae), are predacious of many aphid species. This beetle is well suited for use against heavy aphid infestations in field or protected ornamental, fruit and vegetable crops. Lives for 2-3 months!

Key Features

  • Two spotted ladybeetle
  • Both adult and young stages are predacious of many aphid species 
  • Predates all aphid stages
  • Can consume up to 100 aphids per day 
  • Able to eradicate an aphid hotspot within a week 


  • Use immediately upon receipt 
  • If not possible, product can be briefly stored at 46-50˚F (8-10˚C). 
  • Caution: Risk for cannibalism if food is scarce

: Ants will reduce the efficacy of lady beetles. Eliminate ants by using glue barriers or lures.

Item # Description Size
16925 Adalia System Larvae (Paper) 100/tray
17305 Adalia Bipunctata - 100 Blanco
17346 Petri Plate - Adalia bipunctata
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