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Crustacean Meal 5-2-0
May be allowed in organic production.
Crustacean Meal is made from the shells of various crustaceans from the pure, cold waters of the Gulf of St. Lawrence. This slow-release amendment helps restore soil fertility and provides a rich source of carbon for soil microorganisms. Crustacean meal contains over 65% protein-rich organic matter with a complete and balanced amino acid profile.

Crustacean meal also contains a significant amount of chitin, whose presence in the soil stimulates the development of bacterial populations that produce chitinases, enzymes that have the ability to degrade the cell walls of fungi and the eggs of harmful nematodes.

This product should be used in addition to a complete fertilization program based on soil fertility.
Item # Description Description #/skid
4388 Crustacean Meal 5-2-0 1,000 kg 1
4389 Crustacean Meal 5-2-0 20 kg 50
OMRI Certificate
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