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Turf Pride Pre Stress 2-0-2

Turf Pride 2-0-2 Pre Stress is a unique blend of key ingredients to defend turf under many stressful conditions including: high traffic areas, heat, drought and frost.

Pre Stress includes strong chelator fulvic acid to enhance nutrient uptake, especially during stressful periods and resulting reduction in turf photosynthetic potential. Betaine acts as an osmoprotectant and osmoregulator to balance water use and maintain nutrient uptake to maintain growth and recovery when wet wilt potential is high (high humidity and in areas with minimal air circulation).

  • Reducing wet wilt helps turf stand taller and improve ball speed.
  • Kelp extract contains organic polymers, natural plant gowth regulator and ontioxidants, to improve root and shoot health.
  • AminoGro is a wide spectrum amino acid, natural nitrogen source that primes a plants metabolism.
  • Monosilicic acid is a plant strengthener inducing a studier plant along with abiotic plant protection. Strong cell walls will improve ball roll and quality of cut on golf greens.
  • Salicylic acid is a naturally occurring plant growth regulator that enhances resistance to drought, environmental stress, hardiness and primes a plants systemic acquired resistance metabolism.
Item # Description Size
580158 Turf Pride Solutions Pre Stress 2-0-2 10 L
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