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ANUEW is a tool for plant growth management that works by inhibiting late stage biosynthesis of gibberellin, resulting in a decrease in cell elongation and a slowing of vertical growth. In turfgrass, inhibiting late stage biosynthesis of gibberellin results in a reduction of both the mowing frequency and the amount of grass clippings in the treated area. ANUEW reduces clippings within 2-5 days depending on species.


  • The turfgrass treated with ANUEW grows in a more compact form, often resulting in the enhancement of its colour and quality.
  • Due to rapid foliar absorption, Anuew is rain fast within 1-4 hours.
  • It can be applied to golf course fairways, tees, greens and roughs, sod farms, sports fields, municipal sites and cemeteries. 
Item # Description Size Quantity/case
31851 ANUEW PGR 680g 4
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