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We offer offer a complete line of Scales - manual dial to electronic digital scales.1 gram to over 20 kilograms

KILOTECH, KPC 160 ELECTRONIC SCALE:A budget minded electronic portion control scale with a clear removable bowl for easy cleaning. The bowl is specially designed to hug the platform for greater stability. The dual power source (AC adapter or batteries) gives greater flexibility and the 5000g x 1g / 180 oz x 0.1 oz with its +/-3d weighing capability insures the price/value ratio available. Convenient TARE feature lets you deduct the weight of the bowl, providing net weight only.

KILOTECH, SW 30 (10 KG.) ELECTRONIC SCALE:Legal for trade, digital weighing scale. Covers a wide range of applications by offering four capacities (2, 5, 10 & 20 kg /5, 10, 20 & 50 lb) and four weighing modes (g, kg, lb, oz). Removable stainless steel platform ensures easy clean-ups. Visual accuracy is guaranteed with its large LCD display. Operates on batteries or AC adapter (both included). Sturdy ABS enclosure for long term durability. Helpful level indicator assures weighing accuracy. Handy low power indicator makes sure that the batteries are changed on a timely basis. Compact design allows for easy placement on crowded counters.

Pan / Plate scales: should be purchased on specific considerations. Understand your requirement and then look for a pan/plate scales. This will help you to locate a model within your budget. Accuracy is one of the major considerations while looking for a pan/plate scale. Buy a scale, which can be highly accurate in readings under really tough conditions.

We carry a variety of Pan/Plate scales:

Contact our Customer Service for more Information / specifications and pricing:

Item # Description
803000 Kilotech KPC 160 Digital Scale
803010 Kilotech KWS-SW 30 Digital Scale
803013 Kilotech KPS 30-2 Electronic Bench Scale
803030 Kilotech KAM 512PL Dial Scale (5lb/2kg)
803050 Kilotech KAM 2501PL Dial Scale (26lb/12kg)
803060 Kilotech KWS-SW 06 Electronic Bench Scale
803070 Kilotech KAM 5002PL Mechanical Scale (50lb/22kg)
803075 Kilotech KHA 5001R 5kg (0.1 gram increments)
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