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Disinfection Mats

We carry a variety of all different sized disinfection mats and accessories such as filling stations and sanitizers.


  • Food Processing and Packaging Facilities
  • Greenhouse and Propagation Facilities
  • Barns and Stables
  • Sterile Environments
  • Raised wall to hold necessary disinfectant or liquid for hygienic cleaning
  • Aggressive rubber finger tips scrape bottom of boots reducing the risk of contamination
  • Raised wall allows for maximum coverage of the sole, sides and arch area of boot
  • Easy to clean and maintain
Contact our Customer Service For More Information/Specifications and Pricing:
Item # Description Quantity/case
20395 Disinfection mat 3'x3' with blue footprints each
20394 Black foot dip mat 2 each
20390 Footbath filling station each
20391 Entryway Sanitizer each
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