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Plant-Prod Copper Chelate 14% (EDTA)
63.4% EDTA Chelating Agent
High quality source of copper that is used to correct copper dificiencies and used in Hydroponics. Available to plants foliar or via the root system. Widley used in copper sensitive plants as well as varialble pH ranges.
The availability of copper is influenced by pH, the amount of organic matter and the presence of other metallic ions such as iron or magnesium. Plant-Prod Copper Chelate can be applied as a soil or foliar application to correct copper deficiency in ornamentals, turf, field crops and fruit trees growing in alkaline or acid soils.
Item # Description Size #/skid
3957 Copper Chelate (14% Cu) 25 kg 30
4309 Copper Chelate (14% Cu) 2 kg N/A
Dissolvine brand
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