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Grandevo® CG Bioinsecticide
May be allowed in organic production.

GRANDEVO® CG is a biological insecticide/miticide containing cells of Chromobacterium subtsugae strain PRAA4-1 and spent fermentation media, for use on ornamental plants, turf and edible crops against various pests.

GRANDEVO® CG functions primarily as a stomach poison for use in the control or suppression of many foliar-feeding pests, including caterpillars, and certain Coleoptera. GRANDEVO CG has multiple effects, including reducing fecundity and oviposition, deterring feeding and acting as a stomach poison on Homoptera and Hemiptera, such as aphids, psyllids, whiteflies, Lygus, mealybugs, thrips, certain fruit flies, and phytophagous mites infesting labeled crops or use sites.

GRANDEVO® CG can be used in the field, in hoop houses, or in greenhouses for the control or suppression of any labeled pest.

Item # Description Size Quantity/case
200176 Grandevo CG Bioinsecticide 4lbs 4
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