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Cryptolaemus montrouzieri

Cryptolaemus females can lay up to 400 eggs in mealybug hotspots. Adults and young larvae prefer the eggs and young mealybugs, while older larvae feed on all stages. Adults and old larvae are the most voracious. On average they consume 30 to 70 mealybugs a day.

Key Features 

  • Black-brown ladybird
  • Both the larvae and the adults are effective against several mealybug species including Planococcus citri and Pseudococcus viburni
  • The adults are strong fliers with good searching capabilities 
  • They may survive on alternative prey such as aphids and scale bugs 
  • Adults live for approximately 2 months, depending on temperature

  • Release immediately upon receipt
  • If needed, store for a short time at a temperature of 50-59° F (10-15° C)
Item # Description Size
15022 Cryptolaemus - 500 (Paper) 500
15158 BI Cryptolaemus Adults - 500 (Paper) 4 oz
17030 Cryptolaemus Larvae System - 250 (Paper) 250 ml bottle
17327 Cryptolaemus-L-System 1,000
17328 Cryptolaemus montrouzieri 500 Blanco
17358 Petri Plate - Cryptolaemus montrouzieri
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