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BotryStop WP
May be allowed in organic production.
BotryStop WP is a biological control agent developed specifically for the control of Botrytis cinerea, Sclerotinia sclerotiorum and more. BotryStop WP is a live spore preparation of a non-pathogenic saprophytic fungus that acts by competing for the same ecological niche as the plant pathogens. When BotryStop WP spores are deposited on the plant debris they germinate and colonize the dead tissue. 

  • BotryStop WP aggressively out competes Botrytis spp. and Sclerotinia spp. for the physical space and nutrients in the dead and senescing plant tissue
  • BotryStop WP is non-invasive and causes no damage to live plant tissue
  • Due to the mechanism of action, it is highly unlikely that resistance to BotryStop WP will develop

Item # Description Size
200617 BotryStop WP 12 lbs
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