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P1500 Tomato Twine     
P2000 Pepper Twine     
Pageant Intrinsic Fungicide     
PERpose Plus     
pH & EC Meters     
pH Test Paper     
Phosphoric Acid 30-100%     
Phyton 35     
Phytoseiulus persimilis     
Plant-Prod 12-2-14 Cal Mag + P     
Plant-Prod 15-0-15 Cal Plus     
Plant-Prod 20-10-20 All Purpose High Nitrate     
Plant-Prod 20-20-20 Classic     
Plant-Prod Cal Mag 14-0-14     
Plant-Prod Solutions 17-5-17 Complete     
Portable pH/EC/TDS/Temperature Meter - HI9813-5     
Portal EC     
Potassium Bicarbonate     
Potassium Nitrate Flowable     
Potassium Sulphate     
PP Fly Parasite Mix     
Previcur Flex     
Procure 480SC     
Produce Tape & Sealer     
Pruning and Picking Equipment     
PurKote 11-0-44 (180 Day)     
PurKote 14-14-14     
PurKote 19-6-13     
PurKote 20-6-9     
PurKote Controlled Release Fertilizer     
PyGanic® EC 5.0 II     
Pylon Insecticide/Miticide     
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